Bead Soup
Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets & Necklaces

What a delicious term! I am known for precisely ordered work, and yet chaos and and gloriously jumbled colours and materials fascinate me. How to overcome my matchy-matchy tendencies??? In one of her tutorials, Szarka of Magpie Gemstones mentioned her bowl of "bead soup", and my personal penny dropped. I immediately created my own midden and the above collection was born. 

Sifting through an ever-changing jumble of semi-precious stones 
including genuine turquoise, lapis, citrine, raw rubies, carnelian, amethyst, kyanite, pearls, cinnabar, responsibly harvested coral, etc., Czech glass, fetish and Fair Trade bone, stone, metal and recycled glass beads along with with pewter and hammered metal components I create endless chaos out of those precisely ordered, perfect strings of beads I'm forever bringing home from fairs and dealer showrooms. 

I use Argentium sterling, pure copper, tinned copper (a pewter lookalike) and brass wire, 
sterling silver, brass and copper chains and findings. I avoid plated materials unless I am assured of their quality. Where possible chains have soldered links.

For strength and longevity, bracelets, chokers and necklaces 
are strung using nylon-coated stainless steel wire.

Custom extender chains in chain, leather or waxed cotton cord are available to turn bracelets into a necklace or choker.

email me for current selection and to order in your size.

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